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MEMORIAL Hair Clinic

Hair transplantation is one the most common and in-demand aesthetic procedures, and MEMORIAL hospitals are at the forefront of the hair restoration community in Turkey. We have amassed the leading specialists in the field, with 10,000's of combined hours of experienced. Our transplantation team has perfected the Advanced Follicular Unit Extraction (AdvFUE) hair transplantation technique and can produce amazing results for our patients.

Why Choose MEMORIAL Hair Clinic?

Over the years, 1000's of patients chose to undergo hair restoration at MEMORIAL in Turkey. Many of these patients travelled to Turkey from other countries, some from as far away as US and Australia. Here is why patients say they chose MEMORIAL over other centers in Turkey:

Experience and Skill
Our hair transplantation surgeons have an exceptional amount of experience when it comes to FUE hair restoration. So much, in fact, that we occasionally provide teaching and practical experience classes to aspiring hair restoration doctors from abroad. When it comes to the best hair transplantation results, experience is a primary factor - and that is something we can definitively offer to all our patients.
Excellent Quality for an Affordable Price
When it comes to hair transplantation, just like in the case of any other costmetic procedures, low-cost clinics can easily leave you with unsatisfactory results. We always strive to give you the best possible quality, results and confort for an affordable price. Patients get top-notch results, while still saving up to 70% on the price of similar treatments at home.
Professional and Friendly Service
Travelling abroad for any medical procedure can be a stressful exprience for many patients. At MEMORIAL, we believe that professional consults working for our patients can make this a more seamless and stress-free experience. That's why our clients enjoy a fully dedicated team of consultants, who are always available to answer any questions and arrange the entire process for our patients.